What we do at “Hire 3D scanner”

As the name suggests we at  Hire3Dscanner.com  hire or rent out 3D scanners. We have 2 options when it comes to  hiring which are as follows:

  1. Hire Artec Eva + Laptop or Hire a Person + Artec Eva + Laptop
  1. If you have no experience with using a 3D scanner then we suggest hiring a Person + Artec Eva + Laptop, which can be used as training along with creating your scan for your project.

What is 3D Scanning:

3D optical scanning is a growing area of application amongst a wide range of 3D technologies well suited for complex geometries that require a high degree of precision. Advanced technology of Artec has bought the 3D scanning to the forefront of metrology. Artec optical handheld 3D scanners are easily adoptable into the process due to their ease of use & speed. Handheld operation makes them even more flexible to reach those very critical intricacies.


“Hire 3d Scanner”, an experienced user in Ireland enables the industry to use this distinct technology for various applications like reverse engineering, prototyping, quality control etc. Artec can address to various needs of medical industry as the technology adopt non-harmful optical beams to capture the shapes of human body. Enhanced capabilities of the integrated software gives freedom from the markers hence increasing the productivity.

“Hire 3d Scanner” in collaboration with Artec offer the most versatile scanners due to the technology of capturing 3D surface images. Complementing solutions using blue light and flash light and VCSEL light enables us to various industries like Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Medical, Media & Design, and Architecture etc. in Ireland and all over the world.

We are based in Ireland but can send the scanners or personal all over the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 00353 85 800 72 28

or email us at info@hire3d scanner.com

A tried & tested product used in a wide range of industries

Artec Eva and Space Spider used in countless industries including quality control, the automotive industry, medicine, heritage preservation, computer graphics, design, forensics, education, reverse engineering & architecture.

Artec Studio professional 3D data processing software

Scan with Artec Studio advanced 3D data processing software for editing data fast and effectively using Artec’s unparalleled algorithms. Then export the result into a wide range of  formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASCII, Disney PTX, E57, XYZRGB, CSV, DXF, XML.

3D scanning has never been so portable

Artec handheld 3D scanners are compatible with both light weight laptops and tablets, making for the best all round user experience. Plus with the Artec battery pack, which gives up to 6 hours scanning time, you   really can take Artec scanners anywhere, capturing objects right in the field.

Artec battery pack



Ability to capture texture


3D resolution up to


3D point accuracy, up to


3D accuracy over distance, up to

0.03% over 100cm

Texture resolution




Light source

flash bulb

Working distance

0.4 – 1 m

Angular field of view, H x W

30 x 20°

Linear field of view, H x W @ furthest range

536 x 371 mm

Linear field of view, H x W @ closest range

214 x 148 mm

Video frame rate,up to

16 fps

Exposure time

0.0002 s

Data acquisition speed, up to

2 million points/ s

Multi core processing


Ability to capture texture


Dimensions, H x D x W

261.5 x 158.2 x 63.7 mm


0.85 kg / 1.9 lb

Power consumption

12V, 48W


1 x USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible

Output formats


Output formats for measurements


Processing capacity

40 million triangle / 1GB RAM

Supported OS

Windows 7, 8 or 10 – x64

Minimum Computer requirements

i5 or i7 recommended, 12Gb RAM


No special equipment required

Example of Artec Eva Scans

Industrial Design and Manufacturing

Developing new product designs, taking the measurements of objects with complex geometry or automating workflow at manufacturing facilities used to take days or weeks to complete. Now 3D scanning technology can be used for these kinds of applications. You can use Artec 3D scanners to quickly capture just about any industry object, from a small mechanical partto a turbine, with astonishing accuracy. The resulting 3D model can then be exported to variety of CAD & CAM programs and from there gauged and modified to improve the product’s design and performance or integrate it into a new production system.

Using Artec 3D scanning technology to keep naval ships in perfect condition

Fitness test for old water pipes

Replicating parts of a construction machine with Artec Eva and Geomagic Design X

3D scanning for reverse engineering

Other Examples:


The body of the engine and the larger details were scanned with Artec Eva. Spider was used to capture the more intricate geometry.


This is a 3D model of  working hydrant on a street in Palo Alto, CA. To scan it, we used an Artec Eva connected to an Artec bttery and a table for full scanning mobility.

Tower well Valve

An early 1900’s tower well valve scanned on-site with Artec Eva, Connected to a portable battery and a tablet.


An old transmission box, scanned with Eva. A good example of a challenging object, since it has a lot of deep holes.

VW bus

This hippie bus was scanned with Artec Eva. The bottom parts that could not be accessed with the

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